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Thintri Market Alerts are shorter, more concise reports that highlight new or under-appreciated technologies that are poised to capture significant markets, or that present attractive investment opportunities. The Market Alerts, like all of Thintri's market studies, are based on in-depth interviews with subject matter experts in industry, government and academia. Market forecasts are reasonable projections of addressable markets and their growth, based on those interviews.

Paper Electronics & Paper Batteries (2015)

Paper electronics, the printing of electronic devices, circuits and displays on paper substrates, is approaching commercialization and promises the remaking of entire markets. Like the similar plastic electronics, paper electronics will offer incredibly low costs combined with technological sophistication that will enable entirely new applications, like packaging with cheaply printed keypads and displays.


TV White Space (2015)

TV White Space, those frequency bands remaining unused by television and recently made available due to the movement to digital television transmission, offers tremendous potential to widen the base of available broadband technologies, bringing access to many segments of society that have until now have been left out, and facilitating some important new wireless applications.  


Graphene-Based Lubricants (2015)

Graphene, a material consisting of two-dimensional arrays of carbon atoms, is the thinnest material ever created, is hundreds of times stronger than steel, conducts electricity at room temperature better than any other known material, and can convert light at any wavelength into electrical current. Dozens of applications have been identified, from anti-icing coatings to aerospace coatings to solar cells to EMI shielding to desalinization membranes to electrical circuits and flexible displays and many, many others.


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