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Scott Moore resume (PDF)

Thintri, Inc. is a full-service consulting organization directed by J. Scott Moore, PhD. Dr. Moore attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, receiving a BS in physics and PhD in materials engineering. He worked for over 13 years at IBM where he performed research in semiconductor processing and optical communications as well as business and government relations. He also served as the company’s worldwide focal point for evaluation of PhD applications and other technical recruiting efforts.

Since leaving IBM in 1995, Dr. Moore has worked in technical executive recruiting, business and competitive intelligence, and the organization of business development conferences on emerging technologies. He has authored a number of market research reports on emerging technologies, several of which are available for sale on this Web site. Subjects covered include computers and electronics, electronic commerce, materials science, aerospace, manufacturing, logistics, displays, and many others.

He has also evaluated hundreds of patents and technical disclosures and performed technology assessments for industrial, academic and government organizations to assist in commercialization of their portfolios. Thintri continues its research in emerging technologies that promise market opportunities in subjects as diverse as medical and industrial imaging, materials, coatings, semiconductor devices, industrial logistics, security, thermal management, energy, communications and many others.         

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